Our First Tiny House Workshop

We had a great time at our very first tiny house workshop in Philadelphia, PA. It was hosted by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison of TinyHouseBuild.com. We were so glad to be able to attend and learn from someone that has built multiple tiny houses and has lived in their own tiny house for 2 and a half years.

Meet and greet with people that are interested in tiny houses

On Friday evening there was a meet and greet for the conference attendees. Joe attended because Jendi was flying in from Santa Fe. He had a good time meeting other people that are learning about tiny houses, planning for them, and even building them.

Tiny House Workshop

Saturday morning the conference started at 9:00 am. They provided a 50 page workbook of all the slides with plenty of space to take notes.

Workshop from TinyHouseBuild.com

Andrew did a great job of balancing basic information with more advanced information so that there was something for everyone. He encouraged questions and graciously answered them at any time. He even had us stand and do the wave around the room. It put a smile on everyone’s face and got our blood flowing again so that we could learn more.

Conference room full of people learning about tiny houses

The conference continued on Sunday and covered everything from

  • basic tools,
  • plans and engineering,
  • trailers,
  • foundations,
  • ways to build the shell,
  • windows,
  • doors,
  • roofing,
  • ventilation and HVAC,
  • cabinets,
  • electricity,
  • plumbing,
  • wall finishes,
  • and a whole bunch more that I can’t list.

A LOT of information. There was a discussion about zoning with some local people to talk about what can be done in that area of Pennsylvania. We wrapped up the workshop talking about adjustments you have to make in your life to simplify and live tiny.

graduates of the tiny house workshop in philly

It was awesome to be around people that are sincerely interested in and serious about tiny houses and living simply. It doesn’t matter if they are building on a trailer or foundation, using wood or straw bales; they are all interested in living a simpler life so they can pursue their passions.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison with Joe and Jendi Pagano

This workshop – and their website – is an incredible resource that we encourage you to check out. We look forward to using the information we learned as we build tiny houses.

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