We are learning about life in small spaces as we work towards living our own simplified life.

Our dream is to have a fifth wheel style tiny house after our three children are grown and out on their own.

You can contact us through createtinyhouselife @gmail.com

Joe Pagano III

He has worked with his hands since he was a young boy following his dad around. Over the years he has learned and used many handyman skills including -but not limited to- electrical, plumbing, carpentry, wood-working, drywalling, and mechanical. If there is something that needs done around the house he will figure it out.

He has a Class A CDL and loves to drive a wide variety of machines including tanker trucks, school bus, and skid steer. He even spent some time working as a locomotive engineer. He is currently an instructor at a local NY church’s Ministry Training Institute that helps teach preacher boys practical handyman skills.

Jendi Pagano

She has been fascinated with all things tiny house related since 2012 and has talked Joe’s ear off about them many times. She works as a wife, mother, homeschooler, and virtual assistant while on a personal journey to simplify life.

She wields a mean paint brush and is able to make and sew cost-effective house accessories.